Most Common Ways that Wildlife Enters Your Home

If you’re concerned about wild animals getting into your home, here are some of the most common ways they manage to find a way inside and how Tactical animal removal can help with prevention.

  • Holes in roofing and soffit. Nuisance animals such as squirrels and birds often gain entry into your home through holes in your roofing or soffit. These entry points may go unnoticed for a very long time because they are not in the most accessible area. Our professional animal removal team will inspect your roofing to find all holes before patching them up.

  • Damaged screening. If the screening on your windows is damaged, nuisance animals will use the holes as a convenient entryway into your home. Whether the screens just need to be replaced or if they need to be patched, we can help with that.

  • Chimney. Oftentimes animals will climb down through an open chimney to access your home.

  • Gaps around the foundation. Gaps and cracks around the foundation of your home are prime entry points for nuisance animals looking for a place to nest. The professionals of Tactical Wildlife Control will locate and fill any gaps or cracks we find along the foundation of your home.

  • Holes in siding. If you have any holes in the siding of your home, you can bet nuisance animals will use that to their advantage. Whether it’s siding made of wood, aluminum, vinyl or plastic, animals will chew through it to gain access to your home. Our animal removal experts can patch the holes for you to keep your home free of squirrels, mice, birds and more.

  • Gaps in gutter lining. If the gutter lining on your roof is full of gaps, you’re leaving an open invitation to the animals in your neighborhood. Let us close up those gaps for you and keep your home free of nuisance animals and all the damage that comes with them.

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If you’ve discovered holes in your siding, cracks in the foundation of your home, or any other gaps that animals could be using to get into your house, call Tactical Wildlife Control today! Our animal removal experts will come out to your home, provide a thorough assessment of the situation, and close off any entry points or provide any necessary repairs. Call now to schedule your appointment!