Benefits of Humane Live Trapping

Have you recently noticed some animals are running around your property since the this very mild winter has set in? Some may be consider lethal traps to handle your animal problem, but what if you could solve your wildlife problems in a way that benefits both you and the animals? You can with humane animal traps, more specifically live animal traps.

Live trapping is a very effective solution for animal pest problems because live traps are designed to humanely remove specific animals rather than eliminate a large population of animals.

There are 3 primary ways live trapping works:

  • Exclusion happens
  • Fencing is installed
  • The animal habitat is modified

The most successful live animal traps are positioned near food sources around your home. An example: A live animal trap can be positioned at the base of a tree to live trap small pests like squirrels.

It’s highly recommended that your hire a professional wildlife control technician to set live traps to keep you and the animals roaming your property as safe as possible. The Tactical Wildlife Control technicians will conform that your live animal traps are the right for not only capturing animal but also handling the animals once captured.

Live animal traps need to feel safe for animals to feel comfortable approaching and entering the traps. The Tactical Wildlife Control technician will make your live traps as inviting as possible to the animal pets. The wildlife control technician will properly disinfect live animal traps after every usage to protect you and your family from rabies and other wildlife diseases.

Here at The Tactical Wildlife Control, we understand you do not want to hurt any creatures living in or around your home. You just want the animals out! Our highly professional wildlife control technicians can safely relocate animal pests with our live trapping devices. You will have peace of mind and the animals will be safe.

Live trapping is both environmentally friendly and animal friendly.  All you need is the right bait and correct trap size. Tactical Wildlife Control is here to handle your all your wildlife removal needs.

For more information about our wildlife control services, contact us at (281) 770-9850 or go to our contact us page. We humanely resolve wildlife dilemmas, no matter how big or small. Let us keep wildlife out of your sight and mind.